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Support Pension Protest

Do you want to support us?
You can do so in many ways. Every little bit helps.
  • Spread the word. If you are not affected yourself but know someone who is, tell them about this website. Tell especially friends, relatives and colleagues who are nearing retirement so they can read up on the issue.
  • Write Letters to the Editor. We have prepared guidelines for you to increase your chances of getting them printed.
  • Post or blog about the topic. If you are a member of online discussion forums, social networks or have a blog of your own, use these free online tools to pass on the message and generate awareness.
  • Contribute relevant content to this website. These are not static pages. We are happy to add more useful content that supports our cause.
  • Donate your expertise or services. We don't have a budget and don't run this website for any financial gain. But we could use, and would appreciate, some free support: pro-bono legal advice, e.g. legal opinions on the process of effecting legislative change; useful networking tips how to reach the right people in positions of power; or services that help us shape public opinion, e.g. printing flyers, stickers or other branded merchandise.
  • Write emails to parliamentarians. They can be contacted directly by email through this website. As you can see there, letters to the Prime Minister and all other MPs start with the salutation: "Dear Prime Minister", or: "Dear Minister", or: "Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs". On this page you can download the current list of all parliamentarians.
  • Write letters to parliamentarians. If you want to write a letter to all 122 MPs you have to send 122 copies of your letter to: All members of Parliament, Care of Distribution Services, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160. If you are writing as an individual, no postage stamp is required. Emails to all MPs are not forwarded. More information here.
  • Write letters and/or emails to the embassy or High Commission of the country where your overseas pension comes from.
  • Write letters to the government, parliamentarians and relevant ministries in the country where your overseas pension is paid, e.g. Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Work, or whatever their exact names are.

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