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Portability woes

Another anomaly in the long list of oddities
By Philip Southwell

As a married superannuitant I can receive NZ$510.18 per week based on inclusion of my non-qualified wife.
Next February (2013) we will move to live in the Philippines. I am applying for portability of my NZ Super and was told that the amount I will receive will be reduced to NZ$268.40 per week as the amount I receive for my wife will cease.
I said: "Well, then you are reducing me to the status of a single person sharing.” This category of superannuitant receives NZ$322.08 per week, $53.68 more than half the married rate.
The reply was: “No, you can’t have that rate because you are married!"
But the cost of running a household on just my superannuation is just the same for me as a single person sharing.
This is in my view a blatant breach of the Human Rights Act in relation to marital status.