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Reader feedback

A mouthpiece of many whose voice is ignored

The very day this website went online not just supportive but outright enthusiastic emails started flooding in. Quite clearly we have hit the mark and are voicing the frustration, resentment and anger of many pensioners – and their determination to battle on.

Following are just a few quotes from emails that make us confident we are spot on with this website.

"A great job well done. The thing that gets up my nose is that - quote - 'the Direct Deduction Policy is fair to most New Zealanders'. By implication this also means that it is 'unfair to some New Zealanders'. But, too bad for them... It'll be interesting what happens when the website is released to the media. Very best wishes for
                            Barry Mora, Auckland
"What needs to happen is for each country to engage their various ‘ministries’ and overseas representatives in a meaningful dialogue to solve the problem! There has been enough emotive dialogue on case by case issues and the point has been made. – There is a problem - Now let’s fix it!" 

                            A. F., New Zealand

"I have found this site to be informative, impartial and excellent in the amount of official information available. I have warned successive Governments that this problem will not go away. This site proves that there are even better and more qualified people prepared to take up the cause. Thank you so very much for all your
                           efforts on our behalf."
                            L. J., Auckland
"What a wonderful web site! What a God-sent! I have been praying day and night for some angel to come to help us. They ignore all these migrants, but I am sure we will overcome. We have got to. It’s a great break through. I am so delighted, I feel like shouting it from the rooftops. Thank you, angels!"
                            M. B., Wellington

"Your new website is great. We have a B&B and have many overseas guests staying who often tell us about their plans to come and live in NZ. We are now telling them about the deductions and they always are very surprised and will re-think their plans, especially when they are around the 30/40-year age group who stand to lose all of their NZ pension even though they will be paying tax here for the rest of their working lives. Keep up the good work!"
A. and J. V. d. M, Rotorua
"Spot on! This is really ghastly. I was shocked when I found out. It is appalling to simply take the German pension off the Super. And then the Germans offer to pay you out after two years with no subsidy and no interest!"
                            B. B., Germany
“Congratulations on the new website. Its layout and content are very impressive. We have immediately sent word to those persons registered with NZ PensionAbuse
informing them about the new site and welcoming its arrival.”
C.A., Christchurch
"Good  going on the pension policies. We need more people like you in New Zealand."
P., Kiwi millionaire who has NO overseas pension (but soon NZ Super)
“I took a look at your new website - it's fantastic, easy to use, well written and full of information. I'm sure it will help your campaign.  Best wishes to you and everyone involved for the work you're doing - I think you've certainly taken the whole campaign up a notch.”

Sue Bradford, Auckland (Former Green Party MP)

“When I first read about your website and got the email with the link to it, I was really thrilled. There are voices out there, I said to myself and my husband, who want to be heard and address this injustice."
R.C., Auckland
"As a recipient of a German pension, which is partly deducted from my NZ pension, I would like to give your initiative my full support. Please advise on ways I can assist you in this worthwhile cause.” 
U.H., Tauranga
“Many thanks to you both for an outstanding website. I have spent the time reading it through and appreciate the great effort you have made. A few years ago I wrote to every MP [about this issue]. My husband is from Norway. When I tell Norwegians about our policy, they can't believe it! I do believe we just have to keep spreading the word." 

J.J., Auckland

"I will certainly promote your site to everybody I come across and will warn my son and daughter-in-law as they are now living in Australia and he has also lived in the Netherlands and paid tax there. I just wish somebody would have told me years ago. I liked Mr John Key, I have now changed my mind."
M. P., Auckland
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