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If you want to receive our newsletter, once we re-start this service, 

just send an email to:

contact [at] nzpensionprotest.com

and we'll add you to the mailing list.

Please add the information where you live. This helps to eventually set up regional groups of affected people.

You will not be flooded with daily updates. Usually there are three to four newsletters per year - and one or two more if urgent issues need to be addressed.

Often there are delivery problems with xtra addresses, so best to use another email address if you have one.

From time to time emails are not delivered because you have not sent us your new email address. Please check it!

If you click on the triangle in front of the word "Newsletter" you find archived newsletters from NZ Pension Protest.

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Donations welcome
While I am happy to answer questions, please consider that I am a one-person organisation who is not paid for all this work. If you make enquiries that cost me time and work, please consider making a small donation if you can afford it. The details will be sent in the response email.

And to you, Brian O'D., if you want information and don't want to make a donation, just don't write that you WANT to make a donation. At least you could have said thank you for all the time and effort I have put into my reply. 

No-one is obliged to make a donation, I would just appreciate honesty.
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