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More pension pitfalls of emigrating to New Zealand
The publication Mature Times in the UK have published several Letters to the Editor on the situation of pensioners losing their overseas pensions in September 2010. We ask you to write as many Letters to the Editor as possible, overseas and in New Zealand. The world has to know how retirees with overseas pensions are ripped off by the New Zealand government.
Warn everybody to think long and hard
03/09/2010 by Bill Newbury

"I left the UK over 40 years ago to start a new life in New Zealand. The advertising was magnificent: lovely beaches, nice friendly people, beautiful weather, and a full New Zealand pension after we had worked here for over twenty years.

The first promises where right but sadly the promise of a full New Zealand pension was a con. After working here for over thirty years, I retired and went to claim my New Zealand pension, only to be told I would not be getting a full New Zealand pension, only a top up of my British Pension.

This was not part of the agreement. I have written to various members of Parliament, only to get back some weird and wonderful answers. The press will not print anything about our abuse. I have written to the UK MPs only to be told that they do not interfere with another country's fiscal policy.

They did interfere when they allowed the New Zealand government to steal our pensions. This was to provide New Zealand with the loss of the UK market on the entrance of Britain into the EEC.

If you want proof of the abuse we suffer try the website (NZ Pension Abuse) and a few more have sprung up as well (Editor's note: including NZ Pension Protest). I could write a lot more. Please try to warn anybody who is contemplating emigrating to New Zealand, to think long and hard. You have been warned.

I did not expect this abuse

By George Childs

Thank you for printing on your website about the theft of the British Pension by the New Zealand government. I am also a victim of this abuse.

I came to New Zealand in 1964 to start a new life with my wife, who is also a victim in this super con. I was promised a full New Zealand pension when I retired. I was shocked to discover that I had to forfeit what was due to me from the UK. Seeing that I had worked here for 36 years full time I did not expect this abuse, New Zealand politicians will not discuss this injustice, in fact they will not even print any letters in the press about this theft.

I did work in the Mines for all my working life in the UK, My health was affected, and I fell for the clean green image of New Zealand, The New Zealand pension is a non contributory pension, deducted from the tax take. The U K pension is a contributory one, paid for from wages after tax, they are diametrically opposed, they cannot mix. The New Zealand government say they are the same. How they came to this decision only they will know.

I will be pleased to give any information to people with thoughts of coming to New Zealand, Think twice. And make sure that your pension is theft proof.

Why the NZ government thinks Quebec is a country

By Bob Stevens

Everything I have read is correct, I would like to add two more items. One concerns myself and another concerns a couple I do not know but whose appeal against the Direct Deduction Policy has just been rejected.

The unknown couple have a Quebec Pension. Quebec is a province of Canada which has its own Pension (QPP).This Pension is paid strictly on what the beneficary and their employer have paid in plus earnings, time living there is not a factor. The payments are compulsory

New Zealand Law states New Zealand will Direct Deduct Pensions which are administered by the Goverment of another COUNTRY. New Zealand recently convinced themselves that Quebec is a COUNTRY, which is news to me and many others.

This means that at least one person I do know has now been advised that they will have their Quebec Pension deducted despite having won the right not to have it deducted at a previous Review. Double Jeopardy!

Now my own case. I began my working life in Ireland and later moved to Canada, not Quebec, but Ontario, which is covered by Canada Pension Plan (CPP). I now have pensions from both those countries (compulsory contributary pensions) which add up to more than the New Zealand Superanuation (Pension) which is paid out of general tax revenue.

Despite having lived in New Zealand since 1984 and having paid my taxes (I have a1992 tax form wich states 7.5% of Income Tax will go towards a retirement benifit) I got NOTHING from New Zealand, but to add insult to injury New Zealand DEDUCTS the amount I have over and above the amount of New Zealand pension(Ireland/Canada) from my New Zealand wife's pension.

Some German immigrants who have to pay in huge amounts of their income towards their State pension scheme, and receive high state pensions in return, find their New Zealand spouse gets no pension despite NEVER having worked outside of New Zealand.

Is it any wonder New Zealand has so few agreements regarding pensions with other countries?

Sure, we, the immigrants could bugger off but most of us like the country. All we want is a Fair Go, a proportion of the New Zealand pension depending on the length of time living in New Zealand. The same as is paid to those who leave when they retire. If I was to go to Canada tomorrow I would get 26/45 of the New Zealand pension without any deduction of my Irish or Canadian pensions.

If you are planing to emigrate to New Zealand try and get your State Pension contributions repaid to you before you leave the country - you are in, that way at least you have something, because if you remain in New Zealand after you reach pension age it will be deducted from your legal entitlement.