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New Conservatives

Promising to end the Direct Deduction Policy
Whatever you might think of this party, their values and policies, the New Conservatives are the only party that pleads to end the Direct Deduction Policy before the General Election on 17 October 2020. See "Rescind Section 70 SSA" in the paragraph "More money in your pocket".

Section 70 of the SSA has been renamed into Sections 187-191 at the end of 2018. But never mind...

It seems highly unlikely that the New Conservatives will make it into Parliament, according to the polls.

Brochure published here to give you the full picture of party policies before the Election. Ok, I would not do it if the Direct Deduction Policy weren't mentioned LOL

The remarkable thing is that the inclusion of the overseas pension policy has happened after the passionate lobbying of a single pensioner who is affected by the Direct Deduction Policy.