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About the author(s)

This website was launched by two women with a mission who have a way with words.
Sissi Stein-Abel is a freelance journalist from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Maria Kaufmann is a public relations specialist who was based in Germany at the time of the launch.

In the meantime (now: 2018) Maria has moved on and has not been working for NZ Pension Protest anymore for quite some years. Sissi is running the website on her own but has built up a network of some very knowledgeable individuals with whom she is in regular discussions, and some of them contribute to the content.

In the early days, this was the info on Sissi and Maria's motivation:

Both share more than just the skills to produce compelling copy. Having an entitlement to receive a German pension once they reach pension age, and being married to New Zealanders, they are both faced with the bizarre New Zealand treatment of overseas pensions if the law remains unchanged.

They have decided to pool their writing skills to use the power of words combined with the opportunities of the web to fight their – and many others’ – cause.
It has so far resulted in press coverage on the New Zealand overseas pension rip-off, a channel through which they will continue to push the issue internationally.
It has been picked up in online forums, as intended.
It has also led to creating this website, which is meant to be an information resource for those researching the issue, and a platform for those already affected but lacking a means to get their stories out to the public.
Making noise is the only way to be heard. And to be heard when, for years, politicians have turned a deaf ear is the only way to effect change. It may take time but time is what the authors still have. They are best agers with no intention of shutting up anytime soon. 
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